About Grimsby


With the dramatic silhouette of the Dock Tower looming overhead, boats coming and going and the sound of seagulls in the air, the image of Grimsby will not readily leave the mind.

A popular haunt for Fish and Chip lovers from far and wide, Grimsby has built its name upon the fishing industry historically, and it still survives in the town, albeit in a much reduced capacity due to fish quotas. These days, however, it is better known as the UK's busiest commercial port, dealing with over a tenth of the country's total container traffic.

The town has become home to a number of frozen food companies - Birds Eye was, until very recently, making fish-fingers on a huge scale in Grimsby - as well as other industries such as plastics and engineering, all of which have provided a boost to local employment.

Alongside a massive variety of shopping and leisure options, Grimsby also offers several tranquil areas of parkland, the largest of these is People's Park, which boasts a large boating lake and plenty of secluded spots. A multi-million pound investment programme is underway at present to improve all of Grimsby's parks.

The town's MP is the flamboyant one-time TV host Austin Mitchell who, as well as being instrumental in the introduction of cameras in the Houses of Parliament, once memorably changed his name to Austin Haddock in order to promote the flagging local haddock trade.

There are several interesting sights and landmarks in and around Grimsby: at the mouth of the River Humber lie the Humber Forts, a pair of armoured sentry posts built to protect World War One North Sea supply convoys; just south east of Grimsby is one of a small number of still-operational windmills in Britain that is in remarkable condition.